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Getting Started with Carbonite Safe (Mac 2x)


Carbonite is an online backup application that backs up your files to our secure servers and helps you restore the files back to your computer at any time.

This article applies to:

Carbonite Plans Products Platforms Version
Basic, Plus, and Prime (Not sure?) Safe (Not sure?) Mac - View the Windows article 2.x (Not sure?)


This guide will help you get started with Carbonite. If you haven't already created an account, please click the button below to start a trial and download Carbonite. It only takes a few seconds!

Start a Trial

If you already created a Carbonite account, you can sign in at to download Carbonite.

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Part 1: Installing Carbonite and setting initial backup selections

You can select the backup settings with each Carbonite installation for your account. You'll be asked to make your initial backup selections during the installation.

Part 2: Managing Your Backup

Once Carbonite is operating on your computer, you have a few ways to make sure everything you need is backed up and protected. "Backing up" is the process of uploading copies of your selected files from your computer to the Carbonite servers.

  • How do I add files to my backup? You can use the Carbonite user interface to select files or folders for backup.
  • How do I remove files from my backup? You can remove files from your backup using the same method as adding them to your backup. The "back this up" option will change to "don't back this up" if the highlighted file is already backed up.

Part 3: Restoring Files

After backing up some files, you can restore them. "Restoring" is the process of downloading copies of any backed up files from our servers to your computer.

Part 5: Purchasing a Subscription

Whether you're on a trial or if you're looking to renew, you can easily purchase a subscription through your account. The links below will lead you to articles which will explain how to perform those specific tasks.

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