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Downloading Your Carbonite Safe Files with Anytime Anywhere Access


You can sign into your Carbonite Safe account to download files from your backup with Anytime Anywhere Access. The files and folders are organized the same way they exist on your computer. However, it may take up to 24 hours for new or changed files to appear.

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  1. Sign into your account at with the button below.

Sign In

  1. From the desired computer, click View files.
  2. Navigate to the file location(s) within Anywhere Anytime Access.
    • Navigated to the user’s Documents folder. You can also use the search bar to type in a file name or file extension.
  3. Select the checkbox(es) next to the files and folders you wish to download.
    Anytime Anywhere Access: Select Files for Download
  4. Click Download to begin downloading your files to the computer.
    Anytime Anywhere Access: Click Download
    • Please ensure that your browser remains open during the download process to avoid interruption. If your internet connection is interrupted, the download will fail and you will need to restart it. However, logging out of your Carbonite account after initiating a download will not stop files from being downloaded.
  5. After the download completes, the files will appear in the Downloads folder. If you downloaded multiple files, you may need to extract the ZIP file so you can use them.

There is a 10 GB (gigabyte) limitation on downloading files at one time. For files and backups that are larger than 10 GB, we recommend using the Restore Manager from within Carbonite to restore on Windows and the Restore tab on Mac.