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Anytime Anywhere Access for Carbonite Personal

  • This article is for Windows and Mac
  • Downloading files with Anytime Anywhere Access will not remove the file from your Carbonite backup.

How to Access Your Files Using Anytime Anywhere Access

Log into your account at

Carbonite Login

Click View Files to open Carbonite's Anytime Anywhere Access.

Carbonite Portal: View Files

Locate the file you need to restoreTo download files from Carbonite's servers to your computer. within the list. Anytime Anywhere Access is easily organized into Usernames and Hard drives.

Anytime Anywhere Access: Select the Username

You can browse the full contents of your backup here. You can also restore or share a handful of files:

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Restoring a Single File

You can restore a single file by navigating to the file in your backup and clicking on it.

Click on a folder to display the files and folders within that folder.

To restore a file, click on it. A File Download window will display the progress of the download.

Anytime Anywhere Access: File View
  • If you click on an image file, a preview of the image will be displayed along with the options to download it to your computer.

Save the file to a convenient location.

Anytime Anywhere Access: Saving the file

You have now downloaded the file and can use it normally.

Downloading Multiple Files and Folders

You can also restore more than one file at a time. When you select multiple items to be downloaded, they will be saved in a compressed (zipped) folder. However, you cannot download files and folders if they do not appear on the same screen (e.g. you cannot select a file saved at C:\Work and a folder saved on your Desktop to be downloaded in the same compressed folder).

There are certain limits to the number of selected items, files and sub-folders within a folder and size of the compressed (zipped) folder which can be downloaded through Anytime Anywhere Access. Please see the list below with the limits.

Navigate to the files or folders you wish to download with Anytime Anywhere Access. Select the checkboxes for each of the files you wish to download.

Anytime Anywhere Access: Select Multiple Files

After making your selections, click Download. You will be prompted to save a compressed (zipped) folder to your computer.

Anytime Anywhere Access: Click Download

Save the file to a convenient location.

Anytime Anywhere Access: Saving the file

You can now unzip and access your downloaded files.

Searching Your Backup With Anytime Anywhere Access

If you are having difficulty locating files within your backup, you can search your online backup using Anytime Anywhere Access to easily find and download files.

Type in a file name or file extension into the search box and click the Magnifying Glass (Search Button).

Your results will be found in the list below.

Anytime Anywhere Access: Search for Files

Select any of the files you wish to download by marking the checkbox and click Download to restore the files to your computer.

Anytime Anywhere Access: Download or Share

Save the file to a convenient location.

Anytime Anywhere Access: Saving the file

You can now unzip and access your files that you have downloaded.

Anytime Anywhere Access Selection and Size Limits
  • When downloading multiple files and folders, you can make 200 individual selections per download session.
  • Single files of any size can be individually downloaded.
  • The maximum number of files that can be downloaded at once including files contained within selected folders is 5000.
  • When multiple files are selected, they are combined and compressed in a .zip file. This file cannot exceed 10 GB.
Difficulty Downloading Single Files

If you are having trouble downloading a single file and it falls into the size limits listed above, please try adding a second small file to the download.

This should get you your original file and the second file as well in a .zip file.

Current Known Issues
  • Click here to read about which files can and cannot be downloaded through Anytime Anywhere Access.
  • Files with special characters (~, \, /, |, :, ?, ", ', >, &, <, *, or extra spaces at the end of a folder name) in the file name or the file path, have been known to cause Anytime Anywhere Access to be unable to locate the file.

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