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Downloading Your Carbonite Safe Files with Anytime Anywhere Access


You can sign into your Carbonite Safe account to download files from your backup with Anytime Anywhere Access. Carbonite organizes the files the same way they exist on your computer. However, it may take up to 24 hours for new or changed files to appear.

Anytime Anywhere Access is intended for small restores (10 GB or less). If you need to restore larger files, restore with the Carbonite app.

This article applies to:

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Basic, Plus, and Prime (Not sure?) Safe (Not sure?) - View the Safe Pro article Portal


  1. Sign into your account at
  2. Click on the Backup tab.
  3. From the desired computer, click View Files.
    View Files
  4. Navigate to the file location within Anywhere Anytime Access.
    • Click the Folder icon to select which drive to view.
    • You can also use the search bar to type in a file name or file extension.
    • If you need to toggle between drive locations, select the drive from the drop down menu in the upper left corner of the view page.
  5. Choose a method to download your files:
    • Single File: Click the cloud icon next to the file you want to download.
    • Multiple Files: Check the boxes next to the files you want to download and click the cloud icon in the top right corner.
      Download Files
  6. Keep the web browser open or minimized to avoid interruption.
    • Even though Carbonite may automatically log you out due to inactivity, the download will continue.
  7. After the download completes, the files will appear in your Downloads folder. If you downloaded multiple files, you may need to extract the ZIP file so you can use them.

Note: Your web browser may be configured to save downloads to a different location. Review your browser settings or reference their documentation to determine the location of your downloaded files.