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Our product offerings have been renamed. Carbonite Home Backup is now Carbonite Safe Backup, and Carbonite Office Backup is now Carbonite Safe Backup Pro.

Restoring Individual Files or Folders

Carbonite allows you to restore individual files and folders from Anytime Anywhere Access or from the Carbonite Backup Drive. Restoring through Anytime Anywhere Access allows you to remotely access and restore files and folders less than 10GB. If you have access to the computer covered by Carbonite, restoring through the Carbonite Backup Drive is the best option to restore large files / folders.

If you have access to the computer that has Carbonite, you can use the Carbonite Backup Drive to restore large files / folders.

  1. Open File Explorer on your Windows computer.
  2. Double-click the Carbonite Backup Drive icon.
    • It should be labeled under This PC or My Computer.
    Carbonite Backup Drive Icon
  3. Double-click the Backed Up Files icon to view the files and folders in your Carbonite backup.
    Backed Up Files Icon
  4. Navigate to the file or folder you wish to restore.
  5. Once located, right-click and select Restore or Restore To... to begin the restore.
    • Restore restores the file to its original location.
    • Restore To… allows you to choose a custom restore location.
    Right Click File

The Restore Manager window will be launched and information about the file or folder currently being restored will be displayed.

Viewing the Restore Progress

After your restore completes, please review the Carbonite Post-Restore Checklist to assist you with getting all of your files back into the correct location(s) and making sure you are ready to back up again.