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Restoring Individual Files or Folders


You can browse and restore files from your backup within the Carbonite application.

To search for and restore files from another computer, you can restore files with Anytime Anywhere Access.

This article applies to:

Carbonite Plans Products Platforms
Basic, Plus, Prime, Core, Power, and Ultimate (Not sure?) Safe and Safe Pro (Not sure?) Windows - View the Mac article


  1. Open File Explorer by pressing the Windows logo and ‘E’ key on the keyboard at the same time.
    Windows Keyboard: Press the Windows Key and the E Key on your keyboard
  2. Within File Explorer, click This PC.
    Click This PC
  3. Double-click Carbonite Backup Drive.
    Click This PC
  4. Double-click Backed up Files.
    Double-click Backed up Files
  5. Navigate to the location of the file or folder that you want to restore by double-clicking through the folders within the Carbonite Backup Drive.
  6. Once located, right-click on the file or folder to choose a restore method.
    Right-click on the file or folder and choose Restore To
    • Restore restores the file to the original location.
    • Restore To… allows you to choose a custom restore location.
    • Restore previous versions… allows you to restore previous versions of a file.
  7. If you chose the Restore To… option, a Browse For Folder window will open so you can choose your restore location. In this example, we selected the Desktop and clicked OK to start the restore of the backed up file.
    Restoring a file to a folder that contains a file with the same name will overwrite the original file.
    Browse For Folder: Click Desktop or another restore location and click OK

After the restore completes, review the Restore Report that appears on your Desktop to ensure your files restored properly.