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Our product offerings have been renamed. Carbonite Home Backup is now Carbonite Safe Backup, and Carbonite Office Backup is now Carbonite Safe Backup Pro.

Difficulty Installing Carbonite

Carbonite may be unable to install correctly if basic requirements are not met, the installation was interrupted, or other software prevents it from loading properly.

Please follow the steps below to resolve installation failures.

Step 1: Checking the Basics

Before you start troubleshooting, please ensure that you meet the following criteria:

  1. Your computer has a supported operating system and an x86 or x64-compatible CPU.
    You can upgrade Carbonite Safe to Carbonite Safe Power or higher for Server OS support.
  2. Your computer has the correct system time.
  3. Your Carbonite installation file was downloaded within the past 24 hours.

If these items are not met, please resolve them by following the instructions above. After you meet the basic requirements, attempt to reinstall Carbonite Safe or reinstall Carbonite Safe Backup Pro again.

Step 2: Uninstalling and Reinstalling Carbonite

If the basics are met, the installation may have been interrupted, and may require Carbonite to be removed before you can install successfully. To resolve the issue, please first uninstall Carbonite from your computer and then reinstall using the steps below.

  1. Uninstall Carbonite.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Reinstall Carbonite Safe or Reinstall Carbonite Safe Backup Pro.
If you receive an administrator alert stating that you need to be an admin, you may need to open Carbonite as an admin or lower your User Account Control (UAC) settings on your computer.

Step 3: Configuring Security Software

While it is uncommon, security software on your computer may prevent Carbonite from installing properly.

To resolve this, work with your security software provider to allow the following connections:

  • C:\Program Files\Carbonite\Carbonite Backup\CarboniteService
  • C:\Program Files(x86)\Carbonite\Carbonite Backup\CarboniteUI
  • C:\Program Files(x86)\Carbonite\Carbonite Backup\CarboniteSetup
Depending on your security software, you may also need configure exceptions for the Carbonite ports.

If you have added the exceptions above and you are still unable to install Carbonite, temporarily disable your security software, and then reinstall Carbonite Safe or reinstall Carbonite Safe Backup Pro.