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Installing Carbonite Safe and Initial Backup Selections

If you have yet to install Carbonite on your computer, please sign in to to do so now. If you add a new subscription to your existing account, you can click the button below to purchase a new subscription and get immediate access to the features of full subscription or click here to start with a Safe Basic trial.

When the download completes, click the file to run it and follow the on-screen prompts.

  • If you can't find the file, press Control + J to open your downloads folder.
  • Alternatively, you can press Windows Key + R (to open the Run box), then type "Downloads" and press OK.

Carbonite will use Automatic backup settings by default. Click Start backing up to proceed with the installation, or click the advanced settings link to configure advanced settings for your backup before you begin uploading files to our servers.

Choosing Your Backup Selections
  • Automatic settings (recommended) - This option backs up your C:\Users folder. This folder is the default location for documents, pictures, music, and other important files that you may wish to back up.
  • Advanced settings - Choosing this option lets you further manage your backup before you complete the installation.
    • Select what gets backed up - Here you can choose to include Carbonite's recommended default backup selections or start with nothing selected for back up. Even if you choose to start with nothing in your backup, you can choose to add the recommended default selections at any time.
    • Schedule your online backup - With this option, you can choose to have Carbonite update your backup automatically (default), or create a backup schedule based off when you wish your back up to occur.
    • Manage your private encryption key - Carbonite provides an option for you to manage your own encryption key, which gives you greater control of your backed up information. If you choose to manage your encryption key, you will be unable to use Anytime Anywhere Access or use our Courier Recovery Services. If you are unaccustomed to managing encryption keys, it is recommended that you allow Carbonite to retain your encryption key. There will be no way to retrieve your backed up data if you lose your encryption key.

With either choice, you can always add files, folders, and other internal hard drives to your backup by right-clicking on them in Windows Explorer and selecting Carbonite; Back this up. We recommend that you let Carbonite automatically manage your backup to ensure your important locations are selected for back up.