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Requesting a Courier Recovery Drive for Carbonite Safe


You can request Courier Recovery to receive a copy of your backed up files on an external hard drive.

Carbonite Plan Price Per Incident Price for Expedited Shipping
Basic $99.99 Included
Plus Included
Prime $9.99 $19.99

This article applies to:

Carbonite Plans Products Platforms
Basic, Plus and Prime (Not sure?) Safe (Not sure?) – View the Safe Pro article Portal


  1. Sign into your account at
  2. Click the Backup tab.
  3. From the backup you want to restore, click Get files back.
    Click Get files back
  4. Select Send my files to me on an external hard drive (additional charges will apply) and click Next.
    Select send my files to me on an external hard drive and click Next
  5. Enter your contact information and shipping information into the Courier Recovery form.
  6. Select the backup you’d like Carbonite to ship to you on an external hard drive and your shipping method.
    Select shipping method
  7. From here, you can pay with the existing card or use the dropdown menu to +Add a New Card and enter your new credit card information.
  8. Agree to the terms of use and click Submit Case to finalize your purchase.
    Check I give Carbonite permission to change myu credit card on file for the Coruier Recovery detailed above and click Submit Case
  9. If you plan to restore to a Mac with an Apple M1 chip, please reply to the automated email to let the Courier Recovery Specialist know. They will format the drive to make it compatible with your Mac.

At the time of delivery, you are required to sign for the package. When you plug in the USB-A external hard drive to your computer, you can copy the files to your computer. Please return the drive within 21 days of the receipt to avoid the non-returned drive fee.

Unreturned Fees

Carbonite will charge you for unreturned cords and external hard drives.

Carbonite Plan Price for Non-Returned Cords Price for Non-Returned Drives
Basic $10 2 TB and smaller: $129.99

Larger than 2TB: $300

An additional $30 will be charged if the Courier Recovery external hard drive needs to be re-shipped.