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Selecting Files for Backup


You can manually select files and folders for Carbonite to back up.

Below are some common types of data you may want to select for backup:

Data Type Reason
Video Files Carbonite Safe Basic plans don’t select video files for backup automatically. You can upgrade to Safe Plus or higher to have these files automatically included in your backup or manually select them.
Files outside of the C:\Users folder* The most common user data exists within the C:\Users folder. However, some programs may store data outside of this location.
Files larger than 4 GB (excluding .PST files)* Files larger than 4 GB typically don’t need to be backed up unless they are video files. However, some programs may create large files that you should back up.
External Hard Drive Carbonite does not select external or network drives for backup automatically.

*Please check with your software provider to determine which files and folders should be backed up.

This article applies to:

Carbonite Plans Products Platforms
Basic, Plus, Prime, Core, Power, and Ultimate (Not sure?) Safe and Safe Pro (Not sure?) Windows - View the Mac article


  1. Navigate to a file or folder you’d like to back up.
  2. Right-click on it and select Carbonite; Back this up.
    Carbonite Safe: Right-click Carbonite; Back this up
    • If you are using Windows 11 select Show More Options; Carbonite; Back this up.
  3. If needed, you can also select excluded file types for backup.

Carbonite will add the selected files to the backup queue, and back them up.