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Getting Started with Carbonite Safe Server Backup


Thank you for trying and using Carbonite. Carbonite Safe Server Backup is a powerful product that can back up your servers, computers, and live databases like MySQL, Exchange, SQL, Oracle, etc. We have a robust user guide, which will guide you through all the features and capabilities for Carbonite Safe Server Backup.

Normally when using CSSB, you don't have to worry about creating new users or assigning computers. However, if you're also using the computer backup product, you will be able to manage your users/administrators and add/remove/assign computers to your account.


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Part 1: Installing Carbonite Safe Server Backup

You can install the CSSB software right from your account dashboard. You will have to download and import your cloud certificate to enable cloud backups.

Part 2: About backing up

CSSB can create individual backup sets for each of the supported operating systems and databases that you need. Each operating system or live application has some additional requirements that you should take note of to ensure that backups run smoothly.

*Oracle backup types are only supported in CSSB version 5.6

Part 3: Restoring data

You can do a restore to the same computer or to a different one. If you're restoring to a different computer, start here to go through installing Carbonite Safe Server Backup, importing the cloud certificate, and importing your existing backup sets.

We've listed the different items that you can restore with CSSB and any requirements that they need in order to work successfully:

*Oracle backup types are only supported in CSSB version 5.6

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