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Massachusetts Data Security

Carbonite policies and procedures are in compliance with Massachusetts Data Security Law (201 CMR 17.00).

Carbonite Certifications

Below is a list of certificates and/or compliance with various financial and privacy-related protocols and standards.

Carbonite Safe Versus Other Backup Methods

There are four important things to consider when deciding how to back up your data: time & hassle, cost, peace of mind, and security. We at Carbonite strive to provide the best service in each of these categories.

Account Ownership for Carbonite Safe

Account owners are individuals who are either the Credit Card holder on file or, if on a trial, the person whose email address is on the account and who can successfully answer the security questions.

Security Certificate Expired

If a 'Security Certificate has Expired' pop-up notification is displayed during installation, check your computer's system clock. This message appears if the system clock is not set to the current time. You should be able to install correctly after correctly setting your system clock.

Resetting Your Password

If you're unable to sign in to your Carbonite account, resetting your password may resolve the issue.

Stuck Backup and Backup Errors (Mac 2x)

If your backup appears slow or stuck on your Mac, there are steps you can take to resolve the issue.

Getting Started with Carbonite Safe (Mac 2x)

Carbonite protects you against accidental data loss and possible corruption. You can choose your general backup preferences when you first install Carbonite. You can select a file or folder for backup through the Carbonite Preference pane / Carbonite User Interface at any time. Carbonite makes restoring your backed up files quick and easy.

Carbonite Safe Backup Pro Dashboard

As an administrator, you can view the backup status, review alerts, view the billing information and billing history, invite users and administrators, add computers, and perform other actions through the Dashboard. As a Billing Owner, you can perform all the same actions as an administrator as well as manage the billing information for your account.

Carbonite Safe Restore Checklist

Follow the steps in this checklist to put Carbonite on your Windows computer and get your files back.

Restoring from a Courier Recovery Drive for Carbonite Safe Plans

You can move your files from the recovery hard drive to your computer after you connect the external hard drive to your machine. After the data has been placed onto your system, you can continue your backup and ensure that your files are selected.

Getting Started with Carbonite Safe

During the installation, you can select the Automatic setup and Carbonite will include your user folders and desktop, or you can choose to customize your options with the Advanced setup. You can add a file or folder by right-clicking on it and selecting Carbonite; Back this up. Whether you are restoring one file or all of your files, Carbonite makes the process quick and easy.

Transferring Your Carbonite Safe Subscription to Restore Files

You can transfer your Carbonite Safe subscription to restore your files to another computer.

Opening the Carbonite Interface

The Carbonite interface displays information about your backup, subscription and account. The Carbonite interface allows you to set a backup schedule, restore files, manage your Carbonite account, and instruct Carbonite to use less of your Internet bandwidth.

Stuck Backup and Backup Errors (Mac 1x)

If your backup appears slow or stuck on your Mac, there are steps you can take to resolve the issue.

Changing Your Credit Card for Carbonite Safe

You can change your default credit card through your Carbonite account.

Message: "Carbonite File Access is Currently Unable to Locate Files and Folders with Special Characters"

Anytime Anywhere Access may display an error when attempting to download certain folders or files. This is caused either by the inclusion of special characters in the folder or file name, or for security.

What Is Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup (or online backup) is the primary service offered by all Carbonite products. Cloud backup refers to the act of copying your user-created data files from your computer safely and securely to our interconnected datacenters (i.e. "the cloud") using your internet connection.

Data Security for Carbonite Safe and Safe Backup Pro

Our reputation and business depend on protecting your data, so keeping your data secure is a top priority for the Carbonite team. Read this article to learn more about how we keep your files safe!

Account Ownership for Carbonite Safe Backup Pro

Account owners are individuals who can successfully answer the account's security questions and are either the Credit Card holder on file or an administrator. If on a trial, account owners are also considered to be the person whose email address is on the account.