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Restoring Carbonite Safe Server Backup to a Different Computer

  • This article is for Windows only


Data originating from one computer can be restored to a different computer. This method is mostly used to create a clone of the original system.


Before you can start your restore, there are restore requirements that must be met for all backup types. There are also additional restore requirements for each specific backup type.

  • The amandabackup / CarboniteUser user must have full access to the folder where the backups are stored.
    • For cloud backups, this is the chosen Download Folder.
    • For local backups, this is the folder where the backups are stored on the local disk.
  • Likewise, the amandabackup / CarboniteUser user must have full access to the folder(s) to which the backups are being restored.
On the computer you are intending to restore to, it is recommended that you install the same Windows Operating System (with the same service packs) that was installed on the original computer. This is required for restores of System State backups.

Follow these steps to restore to a different computer:

  1. Log into your account at and install Carbonite Safe Server Backup on the target computer (where you wish to restore the backup data).
  2. Import the cloud certificate.
  3. Import existing backup sets.
  4. Once the backup sets have been successfully imported by CSSB, you can follow the normal restoration steps applicable to the type of backup you wish to restore: