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Importing the Cloud Certificate

  • This article is for Windows only

After creating an account and installing Carbonite Safe Server Backup (CSSB), the cloud certificate will be available for download. To associate CSSB with your account and start the backup or restore operations, download the cloud certificate from your account and import it from within the CSSB user interface.

CSSB periodically performs automatic updates of your subscription information. You can download and import a new cloud certificate to do so manually, such as after renewing a recently expired subscription.

To download and import the cloud certificate, sign in to your account at

Sign In

Click the Install Carbonite (on this server) button.

On the next page, You must select the version of Windows running on the server in order to get the correct Cloud Certificate.

The certificate file is called cloud.opentext OR cloud.carbonite. The correct certificate will be downloaded based on your operating system. Attempts to import the wrong certificate will fail.

After downloading the cloud certificate, launch Carbonite Safe Server Backup. If the Enhanced Interface displays an option for Import My Cloud Certificate, click it and follow the on-screen instructions. If no such import option exists on your screen, skip to next step. Once you have successfully imported your cloud certificate, you can now perform backup or restore operations to the cloud.

Import Button

Within the CSSB Enhanced Interface, click the Advanced link in the upper right hand corner.


Within the Tools section, click Import Cloud Certificate.

Import Certificate

A Cloud Certificate Import window will appear, allowing you to browse to the location of your cloud certificate. Click the Browse button to select and upload your downloaded certificate.

Certificate Window

An Import Cloud Certificate window will appear. After selecting your cloud certificate, click Open to proceed.

Select Certificate

Once your cloud certificate has been successfully uploaded, you will receive a notification message. Click OK to close the window.

Successful Import

You can now perform backup or restore operations to the cloud.