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Our product offerings have been renamed. Carbonite Home Backup is now Carbonite Safe Backup, and Carbonite Office Backup is now Carbonite Safe Backup Pro.

Retention of Deleted Files for Carbonite Safe Backup Pro

  • This article is for Windows and Mac

As long as your files remain present on your computer, we will keep them backed up for the entire duration of your subscription. When files are deleted or otherwise removed from your computer, we will keep them on our servers for 60 days. After that, we will remove any files from our servers that are no longer on your computer.

If you want us to remove a backed up file from our server sooner, you can easily do so. First, locate the file(s) on your computer. Once located, right-click the file and select Carbonite; Don't back this up (on a Mac you can remove files through the Carbonite Preferences pane / Carbonite User Interface). After the file has been deselected, it will be removed from the backup within 72 hours. You can always select it again during or after the 72 hour period.

  • If you disconnect your external hard drive from your system while running Carbonite Safe Pro, any files backed up from the external drive will be removed from our servers within 60 days.