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Backup Speed

  • This article is for Windows and Mac

Carbonite can back up files as fast as your internet and computer allows. However, initial backups can range from a few hours to a few days to complete. The time to backup depends on Carbonite’s encryption, the size of the backup, the internet connection, and the performance of the computer. While there are too many variables to provide an accurate estimate of backup completion, you can review the primary factors below to increase your backup speeds.

Internet Considerations

The reliability and speed of your internet are the largest contributors to Carbonite’s backup speeds. The connectivity determines the reliability and the internet speed determines the speed of the backup. If your internet connection is slow or does not provide reliable connection to your computer, Carbonite will be unreliable backing up or restoring your files in a timely manner.

  • Reliable Connection: Increases reliability of the backup or restore.
  • Upload Speed: Increases the speed of backing up files from your computer to Carbonite.
  • Download Speed: Increases the speed of restoring files from Carbonite to your computer.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide different amounts of bandwidth for downloads and uploads. While download speeds are typically greater than upload speeds, it is important to know your service details to ensure you are getting the expected internet speed for your internet bill.

Contact your ISP if you are experiencing unreliable or slow connections with your internet.

Computer Considerations

The age, configuration, and performance of the computer also contributes to the speed of the backup. Backup operations can only take place when the computer is turned on and connected to the internet.

  • Hardware: Newer computers have newer technology to perform quicker backups.
  • Sleep/Lid Settings: Configuring sleep settings prevents the computer from disconnecting from a backup.
  • Close Out of Large/Unused Programs: Closing out of programs allows more resources to be used on the Carbonite backup.
If possible, try to avoid using your computer during initial backups for the quickest results.

Steps to Increase Backup Speeds

Here are some tips that will help increase your backup speed.

  1. Configure Sleep and Hibernation (Windows) and Energy Saver (Mac) Settings.
    For laptops, keep the lid open to avoid the computer from going to sleep.
  2. Directly connect your computer to a router or modem.
  3. Turn off devices that do not need to be connected to the internet.
  4. Avoid streaming services and uploading and downloading files while Carbonite is backing up or restoring files.
  5. Close out of programs that you are not using to reduce the amount of load on the computer and internet connection.
  6. Check with your Internet Service Provider to ensure that you are receiving reliable, and quick upload and download speeds.

After these areas are addressed, Carbonite will automatically back up at a faster rate.