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Unlimited Backup for Carbonite Safe

  • This article is for Windows and Mac

Carbonite Safe plans will allow you to backup unlimited amount of data on one PC, where one PC includes one internal hard drive. As a practical matter, the speed of your backup is determined by the available bandwidth of your internet connection and the total amount of data selected for backup.

Our Carbonite Safe Basic product does not back up external hard drives. The Safe Plus and Prime versions of Carbonite Safe support backup of one external hard drive. Click here to learn how to upgrade your subscription.

Alternatively, Carbonite Safe Backup Pro plans allow unlimited computers with limited storage. The advantage to these plans is that you can backup unlimited external and network drives. In addition the Carbonite Safe Power and Ultimate plans allow you to backup databases, system images and restore from a Crypto infection with the Carbonite Safe Server Backup software.

For more information about these plans, please see our Carbonite Safe Comparison Chart.