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Our product offerings have been renamed. Carbonite Home Backup is now Carbonite Safe Backup, and Carbonite Office Backup is now Carbonite Safe Backup Pro.

Adding or Removing Computers from Your Carbonite Safe Backup Pro Account

  • This article is for Windows and Mac

Only Administrators can add computers to or remove them from their Carbonite account through the Dashboard. While there is no additional cost for adding computers to your account, it could potentially increase the amount of data that is being backed up by Carbonite.

Please note that this article does not apply to Carbonite Safe Server Backup. If you need instructions for removing CSSB's backup sets from your Carbonite Safe Pro account, please click here.

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How to Add Computers

You can add computers to your account through the Backup Dashboard page.

  1. Sign in as an administrator to your Carbonite account at

Sign In

  1. Within the Dashboard, click the Install Carbonite on this computer.
    • If you do not have access to the machine for a user you want to install Carbonite for, you can Invite others to backup and fill out the user or administrator contact information. They will receive instructions by email on how to sign in and install Carbonite for his or her computer.
  1. Add a new user or select an existing user you want Carbonite to be associated with and click Continue.
  2. On the next screen, click Download now and run the file that downloads to begin the Carbonite installation.
How to Remove Computers from Your Account

When you remove a computer from your account, any data that was backed up will be removed from the Carbonite servers as well.

You will need to know which user or administrator in your account currently has the computer assigned to them. This is necessary to navigate to the computer in your account in order to remove it.

  1. Sign in as an administrator to your Carbonite account at

Sign In

  1. Click the name of the user or administrator who currently has the computer assigned to them.
  1. You'll see the list of all computers assigned to that user. Find the computer you want to delete, click its dropdown menu under COMPUTER ACTIONS and select Delete computer.
  1. Click Yes, delete this computer in the popup to confirm deleting the computer.

To back up another computer, you will have to grant another license to a user or administrator.