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How to Add Existing Customers Through the Partner Portal

  • This article is for Windows and Mac

You can request to associate an existing Carbonite customer through the Partner Portal.

  1. From your Partner account, click Manage my accounts within the Quick Links section for Carbonite Safe.

    Partner Dashboard: Manage Safe
  2. Then, click Add an existing customer to open the request window.

    Partner Dashboard: Add an existing customer
Requesting management of the customer’s account does not allow admin access to the account. After the management of the customer’s account is granted by an account Administrator or Billing Owner, you can request to become an admin for the account.
  1. In the request window, enter the existing Carbonite customer's email address you are looking associate with your Partner account, then click Send Request.

    Partner Dashboard: Add an existing customer's email and click Send Requests

The next time the customer logs into their Carbonite Safe or Carbonite Safe Backup Pro account, they will receive a pop-up prompt to accept your request to manage their account.

A confirmation will be sent to the email address of the Partner account once the customer accepts the request.

After the customer has accepted your request, you will be able to manage the customer's payments and monitor the backup status for that account from the Accounts tab.