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Storage of Data After Expiration

  • This article is for Windows and Mac

Carbonite keeps your backed up data on our servers for a limited time after expiration in case you decide to continue with your coverage. Depending on your expired account's status, Carbonite will permanently remove your backed up data after 30 or 60 days.

Carbonite Plans Removal of Data after Failed Automatic Renewal Payment Removal of Data after Expiration Date
Safe Basic 60 days (15 days for trials) 30 days (15 days for trials)
Safe Plus 60 days 30 days
Safe Prime 60 days 30 days
Safe Core 60 days 30 days
Safe Power 60 days 30 days
Safe Ultimate 60 days (30 days for trials) 30 days (30 days for trial)

To avoid data loss, renew your Carbonite subscription before the grace period ends. Doing so within the time period will allow your backup to continue from where it left off.

Please note: An expired subscription will become inactive during the 30 days before the backed up data is removed. While inactive, the backed up data will be preserved, but all backups and restores will stop until the subscription is renewed.