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Allowing Carbonite Through the Mac Firewall (Mac 2x)


The purpose of a firewall is to protect your computer from malicious software. If a single program on your computer is having trouble connecting to the Internet or running properly, a common cause is that it is being restricted by your firewall. It is rare for a firewall to conflict with Carbonite. However, ensuring that Carbonite is properly allowed through any firewall or security software on your computer will help prevent or address a conflict.

Note: While Carbonite is a safe program to use, some third-party anti-virus and firewall programs may not allow it to use the Internet. However, you can exclude the Carbonite files from that third-party program and it should allow Carbonite to perform its tasks successfully.

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Depending on your Operating System, in order to allow Mac's Firewall to be configured for use with Carbonite,

  1. Open the System Preferences/Settings based on your applicable options
    • macOS Ventura or newer: On your dock, select the System Settings icon.
    • macOS Monterey or older: Open the Apple logo menu and select System Preferences…
      Open System Preferences
  2. Next, click the applicable setting:
    • macOS Ventura or newer: Click Network.
    • macOS Monterey or older: Click Security & Privacy.
      Click Security & Privacy
  3. Click the Firewall tab, then click Firewall Options.
    Click Firewall, Then Click Firewall Options
    • Note: If you're not able to click anything here, you may have to first unlock the pane by clicking the Padlock and typing your Mac Username and Password into the fields provided.
  4. A list of trusted Applications will be displayed. If Carbonite isn't on the list, click the + button.
    Click +
  5. In the Finder window that appears, navigate to the locations of the Carbonite files (listed below), select the appropriate file(s), and click Add to add the following file:
    • /Macintosh HD/Applications/Carbonite
  6. After adding the Carbonite file, ensure the Block all incoming connections option is not selected, and click OK.
    Click Firewall, Then Click Firewall Options

Your Firewall is now configured for use with Carbonite.