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Importing Quicken

  • This article is for Windows only

Carbonite backs up your Quicken data. Once restored, you can import the files back into the appropriate program. Please choose the scenario that best fits your situation.

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I still need to restore the files

How to Restore Your Quicken Data

In here we'll guide you through restoring your data and then on how to import it into the program. There are a couple of things that need to be in place for the restore and import to work.

  • Ensure Quicken is installed on your computer.
  • Ensure Recover Mode is enabled. This makes it so that no update to files or any new files are backed up to Carbonite while in this mode and it lets the restore run as smooth as possible.

Let's begin by opening the Carbonite Backup Drive through the File Explorer window (alternatively called Windows Explorer in older Windows operating systems). Do this by double-clicking the Carbonite Backup Drive icon.

Carbonite Backup Drive Icon

You'll see the Carbonite Backup Drive displayed. This shows all of the files in your backupA set of copies of your files on our servers. organized the same way they are on your computer.

Double-click the Backed Up Files icon.

Carbonite Backup Drive: Double-click Backed Up Files

Browse to the location where your [program] data files are located (i.e. where it was when you backed it up).

Your Quicken data file normally has the file extension of .QDF (Quicken Data File), and it is typically stored in one of the following locations:

Windows XP

Windows Vista and Windows 10

Windows 7 and Windows 8

Older versions of Quicken

  • C:\Program Files\Quicken\

Once you found the files, you can restore it with the help of the instructions below:

  1. In the Carbonite Backup Drive, right-click on the files or folder and select Restore To....
  2. In the Browse for Folder window, select a location to restore and click OK.
Once the file's been restored, you can import the data into the program.
I've already restored and need to import the files

How to Import Your Quicken File(s)

To reassociate your Quicken files with the Quicken program, follow the steps below.

  1. Select the File menu and select Backup and Restore then Restore From Backup File... (or Restore Backup File).
  2. Select Browse my computer and browse to the location where your Quicken files are located, depending on your operating system.
  3. If you are restoring a file to the same location, click OK to overwrite the current file.

Once you finish your restore and get your data back into the program, you're all set. If you want to resume your backup again, please exit Recover Mode.