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Backing Up Quicken

Your Quicken data should be included in your backupA set of copies of your files on our servers. by default if you chose Automatic Setup when you installed Carbonite on your computer. You can view the backup status of a file by navigating to its location on the computer and viewing the colored status dot on the file and/or folder.

The sections below are collapsed. Please click the title of the program you use to open / close the appropriate section:

Quicken data files normally have the file extension of .QDF (Quicken Data File), and they are typically stored in one of the following locations:

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7 and newer

Older versions of Quicken
  • C:\Program Files\Quicken\

If colored status dots do not appear on your Quicken files and/or folders, you can right-click them and select Carbonite; Back this up to include the files in your backup set. Doing so will queue the files for back up and upload any changes made to them to the Carbonite servers.

To minimize any possible difficulties you may have with backing up or restoring your Quicken data, please save your work regularly and close the Quicken program after you have finished your updates.