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Our product offerings have been renamed. Carbonite Home Backup is now Carbonite Safe Backup, and Carbonite Office Backup is now Carbonite Safe Backup Pro.

Allowing Carbonite Through Gatekeeper

  • This article is for Mac only

If you're having problems running or installing Carbonite, it could be that Gatekeeper is blocking the setup file. Gatekeeper helps protect your Mac, but at the same time can block Carbonite from installing. When this happens, you might see the following pop-up message:

macOS: Carbonite can't be opened because it was not downloaded from the App Store. Your security prefernces allows installation of only apps from the App Store.

We'll show you how to address this. First, open your System Preferences through the Apple menu.

macOS: Click the Apple logo and selecct System Preferences

Next, click Security & Privacy.

macOS System Preferences: Click Security & Privacy

When the Security & Privacy pane opens, you should see a message at the bottom about Carbonite being blocked. Click Open Anyway to run the installer.

macOS Security & Privacy: Open Anyway

This will bypass Gatekeeper and let you install Carbonite. Click Open and then follow the instructions to continue installing Carbonite.

  • Note: If you are asked for your password, please enter your Mac password; NOT your Carbonite password.
macOS: Carbonite is an application from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?

Once opened, you'll see the Carbonite Terms of Service. Click Continue to agree and proceed.

Note: If Carbonite opens directly to the User Interface without walking you through an installation, Carbonite may have already been installed on your computer. If you're reinstalling to address an issue, we ask that you first uninstall Carbonite.

After agreeing, you'll be prompted to type in your Mac password. Type it in and click Add Helper to continue.

macOS: Carbonite is trying to add a new helper tool. Type your Mac password to allow this.

After a short installation, you'll be asked to make backup selections. Select the checkbox for each folder that you'd like to back up.

Carbonite 2.x Client: Select folders you want to back up

The installation will now complete, and you'll be able to open the Carbonite User Interface. You can now add, remove, or restore files on your computer. You can also use Carbonite to determine the status of your backup.