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Displaying Hidden Library Folder


In some cases, you cannot select files for backup because Mac hides the location by default.

This article applies to:

  • Mac


While the folder is hidden by Apple, you can follow the instructions below to unhide Macintosh HD/Users/[Your_Username]/Library/ folder.

  1. Within the Finder menu bar, select Go > Home.
    From the Finder menu, select Go > Home
  2. With the user folder selected, click View > Show View Options.
    From the Finder men, select View > Show View Options
  3. Select the Show Library Folder checkbox to unhide the folder.
    Check the Show Library Folder checkbox
  4. Close the Carbonite application then re-open it. The Macintosh HD/Users/[Your_Username]/Library/ folder should be visible.Hidden Library Folder
    • If the library is still not visible, restart the computer and check the Carbonite User Interface again.
  5. After the Library folder is visible, close and reopen the Carbonite interface to select additional files for backup.