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Best Practices for Customers with Low Bandwidth For CSSB 6.x Enhanced

For customers whose backups will take a very long time due to low bandwidth, large amounts of data, or both, extra precautions should be taken to ensure that backups function as smoothly as possible. Customers can adhere to certain best practices designed to make very large, long-running backups easier and more likely to complete on time.

Carbonite Safe Server Backup Release Notes For CSSB 6.x Enhanced

Carbonite Safe Server Backup is continually updated to address issues that may impact how you use the product.

CSSB Frequently Asked Questions For CSSB 5.x & 6.x Classic

Carbonite Safe Server Backup Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with Carbonite Safe Server Backup For CSSB 6.x Enhanced

Administrators can be invited to join the company through the Dashboard. Once they are invited, they will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the registration. After launching Carbonite Safe Server Backup for the first time, you will be able to configure your backup set by selecting what, where, how, when and for how long you would like to back up. CSSB supports the backup of NTFS file systems, ReFS file systems, Windows system state, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange server, SQL server, MySQL server, Oracle server, Hyper-V hosts and hosted virtual machines, and Bare Metal images. Carbonite Safe Server Backup supports full, differential and incremental backups. Whether you are restoring your data to the original backed up computer or to a different computer, Carbonite Safe Server Backup makes the process quick and easy.

Microsoft Exchange Server Database Backup For CSSB 6.x Enhanced

The product supports full, incremental and differential backups of Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Databases and Public Folder Databases. CSSB performs VSS based backup of Store database files (.edb and .stm), transaction logs, and checkpoint files for all the Mounted Storage Groups.