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Difficulty Backing Up Drives Encrypted by Software

While enabled, disk encryption programs prevent Carbonite from performing backup operations.​

How to Speed up Your Backup and Restore

The speed of your Internet connection is the primary factor for how fast you can back up or restore your files. Your backup and restore speed will also depend on the speed of your computer, the amount of data selected for backup/restore, and the amount of strain your other programs and services have on your internet connection.

Carbonite Certifications

Below is a list of certificates and/or compliance with various financial and privacy-related protocols and standards.

Requesting a Courier Recovery Drive for Carbonite Safe

Courier Recovery is the process of contacting Carbonite, working with a Recovery Specialist to retrieve your backup, and receiving a form of media (DVD, external hard drive, etc.) with a copy of your backed up files to your address via mail for a fee per computer.

Data Security for Carbonite Safe and Safe Backup Pro

Our reputation and business depend on protecting your data, so keeping your data secure is a top priority for the Carbonite team. Read this article to learn more about how we keep your files safe!