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What does Carbonite Safe Pro Back Up?

All Carbonite Safe Backup Pro plans back up many of the most common file types you’d use in a small or mid-sized business. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Point-of-sale (POS) files
  • Pictures and graphics
  • Videos
  • Financial/Accounting files (.QBB, .PTB)
  • Customer relationship management files

These file types will be included in your backup automatically if the files are saved in your computers' Users folders. If you have files stored outside your Users folders, you can manually add them to your backup.

Carbonite Safe Backup Pro plans do not back up:

  • Application program files (the files you install when you install a program such as Microsoft Word, Quicken, etc.)
  • Temporary files (files your programs create automatically while in operation)
  • System files (files that make up part of your Windows or Mac OS operating system)

*Any file over 1 TB must be manually added to your backup.

To add files to your backup, please use the following Knowledge Base articles:

With Carbonite Safe Backup Pro, you can also add files and folders located on a local external hard drive to your backup. The external drives must be connected to your computer using a USB connection.

  • On Windows computers, the drive must be formatted as NTFS or FAT32.
  • On Mac computers, the drive must be formatted as Extended Journaled format.

To include files on your external drive, please use one of the following Knowledge Base Articles:

Carbonite Safe Backup Pro Administrators and Billing Owners can back up a NAS (networked attached storage) device the same way any other file is backed up. This feature is only available on Windows computers. When first adding a NAS device to your backup, you should configure your hibernation and sleep settings to ensure your workstation remains on and connected to the internet until all the files on the device are backed up to our servers.